The world’s first cloud-based feedback tool to provide continuous “dual-tracked feedback” on a social collaboration platform. Designed for leaders, managers, employees and team members to help each other get better over time.

Skillrater is an enterprise feedback and performance appraisal tool built on a cloud-based social collaboration platform.

Skillrater is the leader among a second wave of social business tools which have added much-needed metrics to social networking for business. Skillrater is the first social business tool to collect continuous “dual-tracked feedback” — ongoing, anytime metrics-based evaluations alongside positive, forward thinking and appreciative qualitative responses. Our research in neuroscience proves that employees are 5-10X more likely to change if they are given and request positive appreciation and advice than giving or receiving negative feedback.

Skillrater facilitates:

  • Real-time, anytime workplace communication, collaboration and training on a social platform.
  • Always-on continuous performance management.
  • Interactive ongoing 360-degree feedback and appraisal.
  • Goal-setting and fulfillment.

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